About “Matt’s Scripture Study”

I loved my personal and companion studies in the mission field. Although I can’t say my eyes stayed open the entire 2 hours of these daily studies (My excuse was usually “I’m praying!”), I have never felt closer to the Spirit than during this sacred time.

Coming home from the mission field presents a plethora of opportunities to continue education, relationships, careers, etc, but not nearly as much time to participate in gospel study. I have developed this blog so I can not only reflect on the things I learned during the two years I had to serve others in both South Africa and Namibia, but also share it with anyone seeking a little more insight on gospel topics.

Thank you for reading! I’ll try to post thoughts and insights a few times a week,
Matt Leach

  1. I met you through your wonderful definition of “A broken heart and a contrite spirit”. As a long serving military veteran now in his 80’s and as a sometimes wandering member of over 50 years I have much to reflect upon and to prepare for. Thank you for your added light in the wilderness. Regards Teepee

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Tony. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am so happy I could be of assistance in your personal quest for truth and light. The gospel is a wonderful thing and I understand well the challenges that come with it. Stay strong and keep close to the Lord! 🙂


  2. hi..your postings are informative. if i may ask what religious ( and i use that word very guardedly) persuasion do you belong to ?

    • Hi! I am Christian, but more specifically a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thank you for reading, and I hope that what you have read thus far has been helpful in some way 🙂

  3. James Nicholas

    I like your research on how the ati Christ in the Book of Mormon got people to be slack and complacent . I see this as a curse in many stakes today. A new example is when people get baptized the bar is low as to the ordinance work. Example . Fake names . People do not show id to get baptized and use fake names sometimes. Divorce parents use the step fathers last name instead of child’s legal name when baptizing children . But like the antichrist these are considered valid in so many stakes. ANTI-CHRIST’S IN THE BOOK OF MORMON

    1. Sherem– Sherem is the first anti-Christ we know of, and he does a good job at being one of the principal antagonists in the Book of Mormon. What was his main argument? In the case of Christ’s coming into the world, he responded “…for no man knoweth of such things; for he cannot tell of things to come.” In other words: Seeing is believing.

    Isn’t this essentially what Satan believes? “You don’t know what’s best for me! You can’t tell me of things to come when things are going so well right now!” Indeed, if you don’t hold a contract with Christ, then who’s contract did you sign?

    2. Nehor– Aside from his less than intimidating name, Nehor had his own spiritually deadly agenda that would ultimately affect generations after him. What was his main argument? “…that they need not fear nor tremble, but that they might lift up their heads and rejoice; for the Lord had created all men, and had also redeemed all men; and, in the end, all men should have eternal life.” (Alma 1:4)

    This is a little less obvious than the first misleading statements of Sherem. Sure, it sounds good that Christ saved us all, and therefore no matter what we do we will be saved, but if we take a moment and think about it…wasn’t that exactly Satan’s plan to begin with? “And not one soul should be lost”? No responsibility, no contract, do whatever you want with no consequences in the end. Hmmm…surely there’s a catch…

    3. Zeezrom– It seems like these guys’ tactics get more and more refined as the scriptures go on. Zeezrom was especially dangerous because he “was a man who was expert in the devices of the devil” (Alma 11:21) and so, with his wealth, power, and fame, he prostitutes the idea that God shall save people in their sins (Alma 11:34-37).

    This goes back to Satan’s original plan of not losing one soul and being saved in sin.

    4. Korihor– And that leaves the last major anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon, being Korihor. We all know what his beef was in Alma 30: If you show me a sign, I will believe. And not just that, but he was a major proponent of living the “free life” (momentarily, of course! see 2 Nephi 28:19-22) with virtually no consequences.

    Noticing a theme here?

    So what is agency then? First of all, let’s refer to it as “moral agency”, the things we do and are responsible for. Let’s turn to D&C 93:30+31: “All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. Behold, here is the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man…” Didn’t Lehi also say that we are free to act “according to the commandments which God hath given”? (2 Nephi 2:26)

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